Nanotechnology Tire Sealant for car/ heavy-duty

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Key Features

Nanotechnology Tire Sealant For All Tires

1) 10 mm dia. (Seal punctures up to 10 mm diameter instantly)
2) No harms (No harms to rim)
3) Stand extreme climate (-40°C_55°C / -40°F_131°F)
4) Long life for storage (At least 5 years in unopened status)
5) Eco-friendly (Non-toxic, Non-harmful, Non-corrosive)
6) Nanotechnology (Natural plant extracted liquid)


(Tire sealant 400ml for car w/10409T tool kit, valve core tool, injector hose)

l  Seal punctures up to 10mm instantly

l  Eco-friendly, non-toxic

l  No harms to rim



(Tire sealant 1800ml for heavy-duty)

l  Seal punctures up to 12mm instantly

l  Eco-friendly, non-toxic

l  No harms to rim

l  For heavy-duty tires, can be prior injected to prevent punctures

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Small Order Recommendation

Nanotechnology Tire Sealant for car 10409T-400
USD 28.00-28.00
Nanotechnology Tire Sealant for motorcycle 10409T-320
USD 15.90-15.90
Nanotechnology Tire Sealant for bicycle 10409T-160
USD 12.50-12.50
Nanotechnology Tire Sealant Kit 10409D
USD 100.00-100.00
Tube Cutter
USD 15.00-15.00